5th Working meeting of 06.02. to 08.02.2013 in Naestved/Denmark

Leonardo Partnerschaftsprojekte

Energy-efficiency in Concrete Construction,Masonry and Carpentry 2011-1-DE2-LEO04-07930 1

Energieeffiziente Baukonstruktionen im Holz-, Mauerwerks-, und Stahlbetonbau


5th Working meeting of 06.02. to 08.02.2013 in Naestved/Denmark


Erarbeitung der fachlichen Inhalte und Entwicklung eines Unterrichtmodells zum Thema "Luftdichtigkeit beim Bau mit vorgefertigten Elementen"


An dem 5. Treffen des Partnerschaftsprojekts nahmen 10 Kolleginnen und Kollegen der Abteilung Bautechnik und Agrarwirtschaft teil. Es waren sehr interessante und informative Tage in Naestved. Ein herzlicher Dank gilt unseren dänischen Gastgebern für die hervorragende Organisation des Treffens, ihre Gastfreundschaft und Freundlichkeit.

Anbei der Bericht unserer dänischen Kollegen.

Andreas Frenz


Denmark 6. - 8. February 2013

It was with great pleasure we are able to offer our German and Norwegian friends welcome to Denmark in connection with our common Leonardo project, Energy-efficiency in Concrete Construction, Masonry and Carpentry.

From Wednesday 6. - 8. February 2013, were 19 teachers and leaders from the three countries gathered for a program divided into the following three themes:

Presentation and review of student project

Denmark presented the project, the students is going to work at, in April 2013. It is based on prefabricated buildings and challenges of design details at corners and joints. After a good and broad dialogue, the project was approved.

As support for the project, took all of us on an excursion to the company Quattro twigs, which has developed and worked with prefabricated buildings for more than 20 years.

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Presentation and dialogue on national education system

Each country had prepared a proposal for dialogue on their way to educate the students. There was a natural and exciting dialogue about the benefits and challenges of the different systems, but also a consensus that youth culture in the three countries have a lot similarities. Each country took ideas to take home for further development and processing.

In addition to the understanding of the Danish system we visited "Naver" club in Næstved and heard about experience as traveling journeymen.

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Excursion tour to Christiania, with a guided experience of a different culture

When planning and developing training, it is important to have an understanding of young people and their culture. The guide at Christiania in Copenhagen talked about the idea of a life in freedom and peace, which the individual can develop under the responsibility of the community.

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Finally, I would like to thank the German and Norwegian friends, for their dedication and good humor. It was some really exciting days when we all got new knowledge whit us home and our bounds across borders, were expanded and strengthened.See you in April.

Yours Sincerely, head of department Poul Sørensen EUC Sjælland Denmark


Study to Christiania


Presentation of the German education system


Visit the Navercave in Næstved


Study for a company


Carpenters work