Maintaining High Quality within Water Systems
Project meeting 2 in Vantaa / Finland
25-29th November 2013

Testing of the learning concept on "Rules and regulations of water installation in Finland".

Students´ report of the project work:

thanks to Martin Fromm and Felix Wulff

Monday 25.11.2013

On Monday morning we met at our school in Germany to get to the airport in Hamburg. We took our plane and arrived in the early evening at Helsinki Airport, from were we took a bus to Vantaa Central Station. We walked to the hotel after little problems of finding the way :-)
After the check-in we went to downtown Helsinki and had some really good food and did a small very good and really cold sightseeing tour. After that we went back to the hotel for a good night sleep.

Tuesday 26.11.2013

Tuesday was a really special day because it was the first meeting between us and the other guys from the other countries. We introduced ourself and had a guided tour around the school. For lunch we went to the big school canteen and had some food. After lunch we started to plan the water project in our group. At first we analysed the installation in the natiuonal groups. After that we formed the international groups with a Finnish, Dutch, Danish and German student in each group. With that groups we started with the practical project. In the evening we went to a smoke sauna and had a really good time and lots of fun. For dinner we went to a nice steak house in Vantaa.

Wednesday 27.11.2013

On Wednesday morning we went to the Viikimaki Wastewater Treatment Plant in Helsinki. There we had a great guided tour which was really interesting. After that we went back to school and had some food in the canteen. After lunch we continued our practical project work in our international groups at the school´s workshop. Every group had to install the project with a different connection system and with different materials. After the project work we went to downtown Vantaa and had a nice meal in a burger restaurant. After a bowling match with all the students and teachers we explored the night-life in Vantaa with the guys from the other countries.

Thursday 28.11.2013

This was the last day of our water project. We finnished the practical work and wrote a report of the project results. We had a review and a test of our projects and cleaned the workshop. After that we had lunch at school and then we went to Helsinki to made a sightseeing tour with a student from Finland as a guide. We went to a big shopping mall and bought some postcards for our families. Then we went to the restaurant Zetor and have a great dinner with the whole project guys. All the German guys had a reindeer supper and it was great to eat it. After that we went to a pool and sports bar and had some fun.

Friday 29.11.2013

That was the last day of our experience in Finland for us. After the breakfast we went to Helsinki and we did a sightseeing tour at daylight with our teachers as guides. After that we went to the airport, had a coffee and went back to Germany.

We think it was a really good exchange and a great experience for us. It was nice to meet people from other countries and it was nice to see how they work. We want to thank everyone who was responsible of the planning and the whole coordination of the project.