Project meeting 4 in Lübeck / Germany 13th-16th May 2014

Testing a learning concept on "New Regulations on Water Analysis in Germany”

Lübeck was our fourth project meeting after two meetings in Vantaa, Finland, and the teachers´ meeting in Lübeck in February. This time we carried out the German teaching concept on "New Regulations on Water Analysis in Germany" with altogether 16 students, four from each participating country.

In addition to that nine teachers and trainers visited the Emil-Possehl-Schule not only to witness the students´ activities, but also to take part in a training on the latest heating technologies from the German company Vaillant and to visit the wholesaler Wesemeyer.

Tuesday, the first project day started with introductions, information about the vocational educational system in Germany and a school tour by the four participating German students Paul Wiese, Hauke Belitz-Hellwich, Kevin Butkarn and Lasse Zapf.

The first one and a half days were spent at the Emil-Possehl-Schule to prepare the practical work: the students found out information about the latest drinking water regulations in Germany and their impact on the practical everyday work at the company.

They learnt about the differences on pipe systems, required components that were new to most of the students and found out about their function and how to install them. As the project language was English, the students had to translate all the technical terms. This theoretical knowledge was achieved in international groups ... everybody had to speak English.

From Wednesday afternoon all the practical work was done at the training centre of the Lübeck Guild (Innung Sanitär-Heizung-Klempner-Klima, Lübeck). There the drinking water regulations were put into practice by typical drinking water installations that had to be planned, built, connected and presented by the international groups.

But there was not only work in Lübeck: the students had enough time off to explore the city with their teachers or by themselves. There were shared experiences on the first (canoe trip around Lübeck and barbeque) and last night (guided city tour and dinner).

After an evaluation and a very interesting visit of a construction site by the architect's office of Mißfeldt & Kraß our guest went back home on Friday afternoon.

It was a lot of fun to have our partners in Lübeck. Thanks to everybody who made this week a successful experience.

Markus Wendt, Emil-Possehl-Schule


Here is the students´ report from Kevin Butkarn and Lasse Zapf:


An article about our project in the local newspaper "Lübecker Nachrichten":