Record of the project meeting in Tampere 18.- 22.11.2013


Partnerschaftsprojekt der Holztechnik der Emil-Possehl-Schule Lübeck

Safety on woodworking machines
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Sicherheit bei der Arbeit an Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen

Record of the project meeting in Tampere 18.- 22.11.2013



Everybody arrived in Tampere, safe and sound. Some landed off on Sunday afternoon and evening, others on Monday morning. Monday morning was free, so some teachers and students met each other in Tampere center to get a lunch, before leaving to the College by bus.

We met in a classroom of the Tredu College in Tampere on Monday afternoon at 2.00pm. Every school came with two students and one or two teachers. Pekka and his colleague Matti welcomed all of us to Tampere; Matti prepared a Power Point presentation from our previous visit to Lubeck, from which he showed us many pictures from our activities in the workshop during those three days, and our sportive afternoon we really enjoyed.

Then, Pekka explained the whole programme for the week and added that our students could have free lunch at the canteen in the school. Then Matti showed us an example of a tray we'll start to produce in the workshop during the following days by our students and the teachers.



He insisted on the fact that he needed help from the students to produce this tray made in birch and wenge. For the realisation of this product different machines and processes are to be used like sawing, planning, using heating hydraulic press, drilling, thicknessing, band-sawing, working with the cnc machine, moulding, sanding, using the orbital sander, and making some marquetry.

On Tuesday morning, we were welcomed by the director of study programme in Technology Kyösti Lehtonen. Then we split into two groups The first group was brought to Jussin's Company:

He set up his own marquetry business and was really enthusiastic to share his work and his passion for marquetry; he showed us some work to do in veneering. This part of work was one of the first step of our building tray process.



After this process, we had to cut some veneers and to fix them with stripes into the holes. We glued the veneer and after some time we could remove the stripes from the veneer. Jussin showed us how to get slightly brown-coloured effects on the veneer with hot sand. Everybody took back the two veneer plates in order to continue the work in the workshop later on (on Wednesday morning): gluing, and pressing it on plywood. While the first group was in Jussin's company, the second group was working at Tredu College in the workshop, starting the project 'Realisation of a tray'. The group was divided into different teams responsible for different tasks: the cutting, the cnc machine for the grooves, the planning the sawing.



To work better and more safely, it's better to get the pieces as long as possible. In this case, there are two pieces in one length which will be cut later with the band-saw.



Here is the pattern composed of a rubber joint which makes it easier to make a down-depression in order to hold it tight more safely. This Masterwood cnc machine is operating the program for the groove and for the cutting out.



Thorsten, the Danish teacher, is using the cover bridge on the planer to get the maximum of safety.



The Danish and Swedish students are sanding the curved parts of the tray.



Niels, the Danish boy, and Michel, the German student are putting frame scramps



Here is Mattis template for the drilling machine



Special oil for the finish of producing the trays



The whole team in front of the finish sauna on wednesday afternoon.


Hans Janßen, Lübeck