Record of the Copenhagen week 09.-14.02.2014

Partnerschaftsprojekt der Holztechnik der Emil-Possehl-Schule Lübeck

Safety on woodworking machines
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Sicherheit bei der Arbeit an Holzbearbeitungsmaschinen

Record of the Copenhagen week 09.-14.02.2014



The students and the teachers arrived at Copenhagen on late Sunday afternoon. On Monday morning we met at KTS in Rodoevre and Thorsten welcomed us all to his school. Bo Juergensen, the head of the snedker department welcomed us also to his school. The Swedish students and teachers arrived a little later and then, we had a walk around the different workshops of the school with explanations from Thorsten. After having lunch we talked about the activities of the following days and decided that we should make a boat trip around the waterside of Copenhagen because the weather was so very nice that day.



Therefor we made an appointment for three o`clock at Nyhavn but the captain of the water boat didn`t want to make a trip. So we took a walk around the new theatre near Nyhavn and had a look to the fantastic Opera of this town. We went along the waterside to Amalienborg but couldn`t see the queen. On our way back into town we made a stop in a small coffee bar near Kongens Nytorv where we warmed up ourselves for the rest of our trip. Later on we went to the famous Illum furniture house and some of us bought small things for their homes.

We went back to the hotel and in the evening we went into town to have a dinner at the brew pub of Copenhagen.

On Tuesday we started to work at 9 o`clock in the workshop of KTS. Thorsten gave an instruction to all the machines in the workshop and later on we had a look on the drawing to see, what we will produce during the next days. Our task was to produce a chess box with veneered plates. Thorsten divided the group into three smaller groups to prepare special parts of the chess box. We had a look on the different kinds of wood and went into the cellar of the school building, to choose some kinds of wood. We took maple, cherry, elm and birch.



First we had some sawing at the circular saw and after it we worked at the planer and later on at the thickness planner. With the help of Jussin, the veneer group started to produce a template for cutting the composed veneer in the exact width.

Another group made a plan how to produce the hinge. Thorsten wants to build it from wood with a spoke as the turning axle.



We had small stripes of wood for the case which had a length of 70 cm. Then we glued them together. After this we had to bring the sides to the planer to have a fixed thickness and wideness for the boxes. The next activity was to make rebates for the veneered plywood (top and bottom). As the following step, the students have to think about planning and producing a template, with which they could saw the 45 degrees cutting for the short side and the long side. The students found a solution and produced it in a short time. We finished our work at about a quarter past three and went back to the Hostel or to the hotel in town. In the evening the teachers met at City kroen near the Gammel torv. There we met Mr. Voss from the German stairway company, Mr. Frenz and Mr. Schuhr from the carpenter department of the Emil-Possehl-Schule Luebeck.



On Wednesday we started also at 9 o`clock at the KTS. Some templates were ready and so we made the 45 degrees cutting. We used the belt sanding machine to sand the boxes from the inside and the outside. Later on we glued the boxes together in groups of three boxes. The veneer group finished their work and had veneers for all 26 boxes.



Aku, the finish student made the round corners for the hinge at the router and had to pay attention at work. Therefor the group has made a special template for the router, so that safety at the machine was very important for the work with this particular small sized hinge.



We finished work at 2 p.m. in the afternoon and met once again in the heart of the city of Copenhagen to visit the Design museum Denmark at Bredgade near the castle of the Danish Queen, Amalienborg. Thorsten organized a guided tour of the Danish designers with a special focus on the design of the chairs. It was very interesting for all of us to see e.g. the chairs of the Danish designer Arne Jacobsen.

In the evening the students and the teachers met once again at the restaurant Allegade in Frederiksberg in the heart of the city to have a dinner in a very cozy atmosphere.

On Thursday, one group cut the rounded wood hinges with the template and the two others were working on the boxes. Gluing the corner splines, sanding the outside and sanding the veneered pieces. And at the end we put all the boxes together with the tops and cut them in two parts with the moulding machine. We were a little bit in hurry for that work so it was Wilfried, the German teacher that passed the boxes on the machine because the template for the cutting was not as good as we wanted. This day we stopped at 4.30 with the gluing of the hinges. In the evening the teachers met all together in a restaurant that Thorsten the Danish teacher knew well, and the students went all to another.



On friday morning the finish people had to live because their boat was early in the morning. The others went back to the school to finish the boxes by inserting the spokes and make the finish sanding of the boxes. And between 11 o clock everybody leaves the school to went back home.

Hans Janßen, Lübeck